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The story of our Christchurch website design team

The core Catchlight Design Christchurch website design team is the partnership of Brockdin Barr and Stephanie Haskell. Catchlight was founded in 1999 when Brockdin created a website which won the b.net Best New Zealand Music Website Award. Catchlight since became the leaders in the field of web standard compliant web design as early as 2002 and have continued providing exciting solutions to great clients today.

Website Quality at the Heart of It.

At Catchlight website quality is more than a passion, it’s the ‘unmovable’ in any project. We believe in providing practical advice and measurable value to our Christchurch website design clients and we ‘keep it simple’ when guiding clients through web technology. Our focus is on providing value and returns on your website investment, we believe in organic growth by putting solutions first and technology second.

With their combined experience, Brockdin and Steph have discovered some secrets to successful websites for our Christchurch clients. Contact us and we’ll share them with you.

The Friendly Catchlight Team

Catchlight Christchurch website design main designer - Brockdin Barr

Brockdin Barr

Designer in Chief

Brockdin is a multi award-winning Christchurch website designer (best NZ music website award 2000), Tower Design Competition Winner (Ireland 2003), has taught tertiary level multimedia (MAINZ 2004-2007) and has worked in the web design studios responsible for the online presence of world leading brands and musicians such as PlayStation, Sony, Ford, Nissan, U2, Sting, Elvis Costello and Tom Jones.

Making everything look just right.

Brock is an expert in website production from start to finish and a specialist in front-end web design. Although Brockdin is a bit of a jack of all web-trades, you could call him a theming guru. Brock also loves to work alongside website development teams to fuse form and function.

A musician and obsessive music fan Brockdin’s past includes radio presentation & programming (96dot1), music press journalism (Real Groove) and several years as an audio engineer at The Radio Network in Auckland. All of this feeds nicely into Brockdin’s songwriting hobby.

Catchlight Christchurch website design main web marketing expert - Steph Haskell

Stephanie Haskell

Studio Manager/Creative Assistant

Steph manages the day to day running of Catchlight from scheduling, accounts to admin. She has a background in marketing and adult education and is also Catchlight’s marketing, copywriting and content guru.

Helping you to do it yourself

Steph is also a Weebly expert and works with our clients to build their DIY websites. She understands that just because you may be able to build it yourself, doesn’t mean you want to, or have the time to. In her opinion, cloud-based websites could be the future for small businesses. Combined with social media and content marketing, these affordable websites can be equally successful as their big sisters. As a specialist in making practical connections, Steph will help make the web work better for you.

Steph is also a keen photographer and enjoys working on a portfolio of images of her family and friends. Steph is involved in the PTA and like Brockdin is a keen coffee drinker.

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