The benefits of email marketing

  • Cost effective
  • Immediate
  • Targeted and relevant
  • Measureable
  • Keeps you in touch with your clients/customers
  • Save trees…nice.

Permission is a valuable commodity and when customers agree to have you send them information about your product or service on a regular basis, this tells you they are interested and engaged.

The Catchlight Maildrop solution

Catchlight provide a professional high-end email marketing service via our Maildrop system.

We can create a newsletter template to fit your brand’s unique look and feel for a professional approach. We can integrate subscription forms into your website and teach you about ‘unsubscribes’ and ‘bounces’.

We test your email newsletter on all major email applications so it looks it’s best for everyone and at the end of each mailout campaign, you can access reports showing you who opened your newsletter, which links were the most popular, so you can learn what’s working.